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    White Chinese Sky Lantern

  • Fuchsia Sky Lantern

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  • Red Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Apple Green Round Paper Lantern 8"

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  • Aubergine Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • White Diamond Sky Lantern

  • White Round Paper Lantern 4"

  • White Paper Lantern Lights

  • White Round Paper Lantern 24"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • White Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Pale Pink Accordion Paper Lantern Ball 8"

  • Fuchsia Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • White Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Orange Round Paper Lantern 8"

  • Apple Green Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • Blush Pink Round Paper Lantern 20"

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Skylantern, n°1 of sky lanterns on the Internet

SkyLantern Original is established since 2007 as the leader internet retailer of sky lanterns in Europe.

Specialised in the retail of original, authentic and secured sky lanterns, SkyLantern Original offer sky lanterns in different shapes : balloon, tube, diamond, heart and various colours : white, yellow, coral, orange, red, light pink, pink, parma, turquoise, royal blue, grey, chocolate, rainbow, santa, heart, union jack, alien

Our sky lanterns respect high-quality standards: 100 % biodegradable, 100 % flame retardant paper, wire-free, pre-attached and secured cotton and paper fuel cell, individually wrapped and protected, and are easy and safe to use!

What is a Sky Lantern? Sky lanterns, also known as Chinese lanterns, can be compared to miniature hot-air balloons that can be launched for special events or occasions.

The lantern itself is made of light weight biodegradable tissue rice paper on a bamboo frame with a small cotton and paper fuel cell suspended in the middle. This fuel cell is basically a folded card made of cotton and paper that has been impregnated with a thin layer of paraffin wax and dried out. Our cotton and paper fuel cell does not drip and it is extremely easy to light, it provides a good constant heat to the lantern to ensure it does not come back down whilst still lit. Just light the fuel cell and the lantern fills up with hot air, causing it to rise gently into the night sky and enjoy this magic moment.

To produce a splendid and stunning glow, launch your sky lanterns into the night sky and let them travel from 2 to 2.5 miles before they slowly disappear into the deep night. Sky lanterns will descent only after the fuel cell has burned out and will come back down, only when they are cold and completely extinguished.

Day or night - our coloured sky lanterns can be particularly great during daylight hours, when their bright colour is visible as they set off into the sky and soar into the distance. Sky lanterns from www.skylantern-original.co.uk are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, memorials, funerals, and remembrance or commemorative occasions.

Why you should choose SkyLantern Original for your wedding?

Celebrate the perfect moment with the loved one, family, friends and guests and choose SkyLantern Original to create a unique event. Chinese lanterns are a great way to end your special day. Get your guests involved and make it an evening to remember. Witnessing your love, your happiness, your joy, your hopes, the release of wedding lanterns is the perfect messenger! The wow effect is guaranteed, while launching the wedding sky lanterns! You can even write on them with a special pen if you want to give a concrete symbolism to your message. The heart model and the special wedding packs are ideal for your wedding day. We have special wedding packs of 30 or 40 sky lanterns balloon-shaped model and declined into 13 colours: white, yellow, coral, orange, red, light pink, pink, parma, turquoise, royal blue, grey, chocolate or mixed colours or red heart.

In additional to our sky lanterns we offer a large choice of wedding decorations : paper candle bags, paper floating lanterns, lotus LED floating lanterns, frost fire moon candles, led tea lights, round paper lanterns, round paper LED lanterns, paper star lanterns, paper snowflakes lanterns, honeycomb paper lanterns, accordion paper lanterns, pom poms, buntings, confetti canons. Choose among our wide range of colours and design and mix them with your table decorations: place cards, table plan, flowers, petals, tablecloth, glass name tags.

Our hanging paper lanterns will add to your wedding a perfect touch of colour and light. We offer a lot of sizes : 4", 8", 12", 16", 20", 24" and a variety of colours : white, ivory, yellow, orange, coral, red, light pink, pink, parma, green water, turquoise, royal blue, green, grey, chocolate, black, silver, gold and special patterns : gradient (yellow, orange, red, pink, parma, turquoise, green, grey), chevron (yellow, red, light pink, turquoise, green, grey, black) and dotted (yellow, red, light pink, turquoise, green, grey, black).

Add led lights to your round paper lanterns to enlighten your event! Our packs of 3 lanterns: 1x14", 1x12", 1x10" and 3 led lights are also declined into 7 colours: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green.

Candle bags make a fantastic addition to any summer party or wedding. Indoor or outdoor, they are great on table or furniture and in your garden in the twilight hours. Candle lanterns make a real stunning light effect and once lit the candle inside the bag produces a beautiful soft glow, creating a very special atmosphere. 3 sizes, 8 colours and 4 patterns are available.

For your wedding, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, remembrance events and other occasions choose www.skylantern-original.co.uk to create the perfect moment. Our wide range of decoration products will enlighten your events.