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  • Biodegradable latex balloon No tears, sparkling colors
  • Balloons floating in the air Thanks to helium, which guarantees aerial decoration
  • Majestic decoration Bold balloons that will surprise your guests
  • Easy to use
  • 15 colors
  • Ecological product
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It's big, it's white. It's a big white balloon!

For all those who believe bigger is better when it comes to balloon decorations, our big white balloon is definitely for you. Made from biodegradable and durable latex materials, our giant white balloons are designed so that all you need to do to get your party started is add air or helium for a big impact effect.

But wait! There's more

Our big balloons come in a wide range of colors, so you can create a kaleidoscope of floating giants at your next garden party, wedding or birthday. Skylantern Original also offers a huge range of letter ballons that can be interspersed amongst your big balloon collection for an even more colourful effect. We only offer high quality products and we deliver them to you quickly, leaving your time free to plan your next giant balloon-filled party!

  • Reference :


  • Material :

    Biodegradable latex

  • Diameter :


  • Color :


  • Inflation :

    With helium or air

  • Inflation equipment :

    Bottle of helium - manual air pump - Electric inflator

  • Weight :

    34.5 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the balloon
  • 2
    Place the tip of the inflator into the opening
  • 3
    Inflate the balloon slowly and block the opening
  • 4
    It is ready, you can hang it!