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  • High-quality aluminum balloon Remain inflated and float longer
  • Express assembly Thanks to an automatic, easy closure
  • Distinguished decoration Unique balloons that will surprise your guests
  • Quick installation
  • 3 colors, 2 sizes
  • Full alphabet
Other colors :

Brilliant B Balloon in Silver

This B balloon in silver is a great choice for a party, either used for a name or for the B in Birthday. At SkyLantern Original we stock every letter of the alphabet, making it easy for you to spell out whatever you wish.

A Big B for the Big Day

This B balloon is an impressive 36" in height. This means it can filled with a choice of helium or air. When using helium the balloon should be weighted to keep it at the perfect height in the room. When using air however, the balloon can simply be suspended using the handy holes provided and choice of string or twine from our range.

SkyLantern Original Letter Balloons

Our letters balloons sale includes a choice of gold and silver balloons in either 14" or 36" height. As with all orders from SkyLantern Original, your order will be despatched the next working day and delivered to you in good time for your event.

  • Reference :


  • Height :


  • Clips :


  • Material :

    Aluminum with pretty sparkles

  • Color :


  • Closing :

    Self-sealing valve: automatic closure

  • Inflation :

    With helium or air

  • Inflation equipment :

    Bottle of helium - manual air pump - Electric inflator

  • Weight :

    26.45 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the balloon
  • 2
    Pierce the opening by inserting the inflator
  • 3
    Inflate the balloon slowly
  • 4
    It is closed, you can hang it!