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  • High-quality round rice paper lantern Remain inflated and float longer
  • Express assembly Thanks to an automatic, easy closure
  • Distinguished decoration Unique balloons that will surprise your guests
  • Quick installation
  • 3 colors, 2 sizes
  • Full alphabet
Other colors :

Make sublime your events with this product in vogue!

It will be an indispensable item for all your occasions. In order to personalize an interior or exterior during a wedding, a garden party, the fuchsia letter balloon V 14” will be amazing !

Suspended on the ceiling or wall like a garland or placed on a piece of furniture, the fuchsia letter balloon V will have a place of choice in your decoration.

These high-quality balloons are simple to install : inflate them with air or helium then arrange them according to your tastes especially using the small straps provided on the balloon.

Highlight your balloon with other fuchsia SkyLantern Original products for a sparkling colour theme or with products such as lanterns.

  • Reference :


  • Height :


  • Clips :


  • Material :

    Aluminum with pretty sparkles

  • Color :


  • Closing :

    Self-sealing valve: automatic closure

  • Inflation :

    With air ( these letters are too small to fly away)

  • Inflation equipment :

    Straw included

  • Weight :

    14.95 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the balloon
  • 2
    Pierce the opening by inserting the inflator
  • 3
    Inflate the balloon slowly
  • 4
    It is ready, you can decorate!