Indoor Candle Bags
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  • White Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Yellow Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Orange Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Red Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Pale Pink Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Fuchsia Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Lilac Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Turquoise Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • -71%

    Apple Green Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Silver Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • Gold Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • White Heart Candle Bag Maya Medium Size x5

  • -91%

    White 'Bienvenue' Candle Bag Maya Medium...

  • Plain Candle Bag Maya Medium Size x5

  • LED Tea Light X1

  • LED Tea Lights X24

  • Tea Light Candles

  • Lighter

100% fireproof
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Illuminate Any Interior Beautifully With Our Indoor Candle Bags

Our candle bags are made using fireproof paper, and are designed to hold a single flickering candle. They are often used by party organisers to create a muted, elegant form of illumination, without leaving naked flames exposed to draughts and people’s skin – and they come in a wide range of different styles. All of them are intended to glow softly when lit by a normal tealight, adding a unique touch to any indoor party.

Party planners have plenty of choice when it comes to SkyLantern Original’s indoor candle holders, so put your imagination and creativity to good use. There are bags imprinted with star shaped arrangements that will be a good option at Christmas or for christening events. We also stock indoor candle holders with heart shaped designs, to create a romantic atmosphere at Valentine’s Day parties. You can also choose seasonal designs with snowflakes, as well as simple plain paper bags that will add to any indoor occasion.

These bags can be put to many different uses at wedding receptions, birthday parties and other get-togethers. If you need to add some emphasis to the table settings at a wedding, why not place some of them evenly along each table? The gentle light created by the bags will provide a subtle illumination for diners, avoiding the need for bright artificial lights, while the natural flicker of the candles will add to the magical feel of the event.

All of our bags are manufactured using completely sustainable materials. The paper we use is responsibly sourced, so you can be sure that your special occasion won’t have a damaging environmental impact. They can be purchased in large batches, giving even the largest parties and reception a classy way to light large and small spaces alike.