• White Sky Lantern

  • White Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • White Lotus floating flower

  • White Diamond Sky Lantern

  • White Round Paper Lantern 4"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 8"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • White Paper Pom Poms 12" x2

  • White Paper Pom Poms 16" x2

  • White Paper Pom Poms 20" x2

  • White Heart Sky Lantern

  • White 'Bienvenue' Candle Bag Maya Medium...

  • White Round Paper Lantern 24"

  • White Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • White Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • White Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • White Paper Snowflake 12"

  • White Paper Snowflake 20"

  • White Accordion Paper Lantern Ball 8"

  • LED Tea Light X1

  • LED Tea Lights X24

  • Plain Candle Bag Maya Medium Size x5

  • White Heart Candle Bag Maya Medium Size x5

  • White Paper Lantern Lights

  • White Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • White Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • White Candle Bag Large Size x5

  • White Candle Bag Maya Medium Size x5

  • White Candle Bag Maya Small Size x5

  • White Round Paper Lantern Lace 14"

  • White Accordion Paper Lantern Ball 14"

  • White Bunting

  • White Cotton String

  • White Raffia Ribbon

  • 36" White Giant Balloon

  • White Cotton Fairy Lights

  • White Rattan Fairy Lights

  • White Roses Fairy Lights

  • White Feather Fairy Lights

  • Tube Blanc

  • Remote Control For LED Candles

  • LED Tea Light Candle With Timer

  • Additional White Festoon Lights 3M Without...

  • White Tassel Garland

  • -64%

    White Metal Little Hearts Fairy Lights

  • White Metal Curl Hearts Fairy Lights

  • Cinema LightBox A4 White

Wonderful White Decorating Ideas

There are so many decorating ideas possible with our white range, including for:

  • Christmas or a winter theme
  • Christening decor
  • Wedding reception decor
  • Complementary pieces for other colours
  • Baby's nursery
  • Freshening up home decor

White decorations signify clean and refreshing in decor, they are complementary to every type of design, from classic to ultra modern. Our flying lanterns create an awe-inspiring effect in the sky, resembling twinkling stars. White is a versatile colour for lanterns, candles and other decorations for any celebration, winter displays and home design. Using white paper lanterns adds a fresh touch to revamp home decor. Our white lighting accessories create a warm glow and a softened effect for a relaxing feel in any room.

We have decor collections in over 30 different colours to go with the crisp white of these products. SkyLantern Original sky lanterns, candles bags and floating lanterns are fireproof and 100% biodegradable. Many paper lanterns can hold a candle or an LED system to double up as a light. All of our products are easy to order and we provide fast delivery.