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SkyLantern Original have thought up some fantastic options for national day decorations.

For example, you might want to release a Chinese lantern with a British Union Jack design. All of our lanterns are completely biodegradable, so you don't need to worry about damaging the British landscape, and they will create a fantastic festive atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. For other flags, you can launch two or three lanterns in the right colour scheme for exactly the same effect.

Every national day party can find a use for our bunting selection. Choose from 7 different colour schemes and hang these garlands up around your living room. They would make a great way to frame your national flag, creating a focal point for the party that everyone can see.

With our collection of lanterns and decorations, you can turn any venue into a national shrine. Hang lanterns in the red, blue and white of the British flag around your home, and couple them with red and blue LED fairy lights or bunting. When big national events like the Queen's birthday come around, our decorations can allow you to bring everyone together in celebration.

You can also decorate external areas just as easily. Add some tea lights and lanterns to your apartment balcony or place some colourful Maya bags around your terrace. With the SkyLantern Original national day decorations selection, you can use every part of your home beautifully.

Our best-sellers
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  • -69%

    Orange and Yellow Chinese Sky Lantern

  • Yellow Sky Lantern

  • Orange Sky Lantern

  • Coral Sky Lantern

  • Red Sky Lantern

  • Pale Pink Sky Lantern

  • Fuchsia Sky Lantern

  • Lilac Sky Lantern

  • Turquoise Sky Lantern

  • Royal Blue Sky Lantern

  • Apple Green Sky Lantern

  • Chocolate Sky Lantern

  • Grey Sky Lantern

  • White Heart Sky Lantern

  • Red Heart Sky Lantern

  • Fuchsia Heart Sky Lantern

  • French Flag Sky Lantern

  • Union Jack Sky Lantern

  • Italian Flag Sky Lantern

  • Belgian Flag Sky Lantern

  • Alien Sky Lantern

  • Halloween Sky Lantern

  • Lighter

  • Tube Blanc