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Chinese lanterns are the ideal halloween decoration.

SkyLantern Original's rice paper lanterns produce a ghostly light which highlights ghoulish images that are printed onto their surface. As the darkness of evening descends, releasing a group of scary lanterns will be a great way for your children to enjoy halloween, without stuffing them with chocolate. Instead of watching horror movies, create a gentle but spooky spectacle with our high quality lanterns.

SkyLantern Original also have plenty of options for grown ups who are hosting a halloween party. When your guests come over in their vampire costumes, turn your home into a cavern of terror by turning off your lights and using cleverly arranged LED tea lights or fairy lights. You can also buy plain Chinese lanterns that guests can decorate however they wish, before releasing them into the night sky. This is a great way to involve everyone in the party, making the event even more enjoyable.

SkyLantern Original will deliver your halloween decorations as soon as 24 hours before the party itself. All of our products are completely eco friendly, using biodegradable materials and as little metal as possible. This means that when you let your lantern go, it won't pollute the landscape. Our LEDs are long-lasting, and any naked flames are created by safe paraffin burners. So you can enjoy a hazard free and fun halloween at the same time. Find out how by exploring our halloween decorations selection.

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    White Sky Lantern

  • White Diamond Sky Lantern

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    Multicoloured Sky Lanterns x6

  • -60%

    White Chinese Sky Lantern

  • Rainbow Sky Lantern

  • Yellow Sky Lantern

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    Orange Sky Lantern

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    Red Sky Lantern

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    Fuchsia Sky Lantern

  • Coral Sky Lantern

  • Pale Pink Sky Lantern

  • Lilac Sky Lantern

  • Turquoise Sky Lantern

  • Grey Sky Lantern

  • Royal Blue Sky Lantern

  • Apple Green Sky Lantern

  • -77%

    Chocolate Sky Lantern

  • Black Week

    Fuchsia Heart Sky Lantern

  • Lighter

  • White Heart Sky Lantern

  • Red Heart Sky Lantern

  • French Flag Sky Lantern

  • Union Jack Sky Lantern

  • -83%

    Italian Flag Sky Lantern

  • -74%

    Belgian Flag Sky Lantern

  • Alien Sky Lantern

  • Halloween Sky Lantern

  • Tube Blanc

  • Apple Green Sky Lanterns x5

  • Flying Letter To Santa (English)

  • -72%

    Turquoise Sky Lanterns x5

  • -72%

    Lilac Sky Lanterns x5

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x5

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    White Sky Lanterns x30

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x10

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    White Sky Lanterns x50

  • Turquoise Sky Lanterns x100

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x20

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x30

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x40

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x50

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x100

  • White Sky Lanterns x5