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New Year's Eve is a time to look back and forward at the same time - and a time for hope and joy.

So create a warm, attractive party venue by arranging the right hanging stars, honeycomb LED lanterns and garlands of fairy lights. If you are planning to stage a dinner party, turn your house lights down low and use our LED candles to create a magical effect.

It's easy to turn boring walls and ceilings into vibrant surfaces with our garlands and hanging baubles. Hang Japanese paper lanterns with ease and connect them all together with some decorative twine to create a harmonious space with colour and energy. Guests don't have to stay indoors either. You can arrange tea lights or candles in the garden, so that everyone can have a place to retreat from the noise of the party. Create a wonderful place for them to wish their loved ones a 'Happy New Year', before returning to the action inside.

SkyLantern Original offers a wide variety of New Year Eve decorations. For example, our Japanese globe lanterns come in a range of sizes and colours. You can spell out a message with our gold and silver letter balloons or simply create an elegant, classy dining room effect with perforated lanterns, bunting and LED powered fairy lights. Explore your party's potential at the SkyLantern Original website, and craft a perfect way to start the year.

Our best-sellers
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    White Sky Lantern

  • White Diamond Sky Lantern

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    Multicoloured Sky Lanterns x6

  • -60%

    White Chinese Sky Lantern

  • Rainbow Sky Lantern

  • Yellow Sky Lantern

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    Orange Sky Lantern

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    Red Sky Lantern

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    Fuchsia Sky Lantern

  • Coral Sky Lantern

  • Pale Pink Sky Lantern

  • Lilac Sky Lantern

  • Turquoise Sky Lantern

  • Grey Sky Lantern

  • Royal Blue Sky Lantern

  • Apple Green Sky Lantern

  • -77%

    Chocolate Sky Lantern

  • Black Week

    Fuchsia Heart Sky Lantern

  • Lighter

  • White Heart Sky Lantern

  • Red Heart Sky Lantern

  • French Flag Sky Lantern

  • Union Jack Sky Lantern

  • -83%

    Italian Flag Sky Lantern

  • -74%

    Belgian Flag Sky Lantern

  • Alien Sky Lantern

  • Halloween Sky Lantern

  • Tube Blanc

  • Apple Green Sky Lanterns x5

  • Flying Letter To Santa (English)

  • -72%

    Turquoise Sky Lanterns x5

  • -72%

    Lilac Sky Lanterns x5

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x5

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    White Sky Lanterns x30

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x10

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    White Sky Lanterns x50

  • Turquoise Sky Lanterns x100

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x20

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x30

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x40

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x50

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x100

  • White Sky Lanterns x5