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    All of our products are subject to strict quality control, and our lanterns are approved by Bureau Veritas.

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    A wide range of sizes and colours to go with all of your events.

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    Our products are ordered by the most prestigious experts in decoration, wedding planners, TV productions and press agencies.

New, exciting ways to say "I love you"

  • Fly love into their lives

Under a sparkling night sky, what can be more romantic than releasing a flying, lit lantern after your romantic meal? Find a wide open space, remove the lantern from its packaging and unfold it, light the burner and make a wish. After a minute and a half, let it go to take your wishes on a magical journey. You can choose from a variety of colourful, imaginative designs - so select the one that speaks the wishes of your heart.

  • Let the lights do the talking

Make an impact the minute your loved one walks into your home. You've decided on a romantic meal without any of the crowds in a restaurant - and right there on the table are our fireproof paper lanterns flickering from the tea lights within. Paper lanterns colourfully decorate the room. As a finishing touch, LED candles line the shelves to provide the perfect romantic setting. There's no wax, no mess, no flames with LED candles - the perfect Valentine's Decorations.

  • Safety and ease of use is built in

At SkyLantern Original we make sure that all of our products are affordable, easy to use, fireproof and 100% biodegradable. Your safety is our primary concern. Our products come in a wide variety of colours and styles - to make your Valentine's Day memorable for years to come.

Our best-sellers
  • White Sky Lantern

  • White Diamond Sky Lantern

  • -60%

    White Chinese Sky Lantern

  • Multicoloured Sky Lanterns x6

  • Letter to Santa Claus Sky Lantern

  • Rainbow Sky Lantern

  • Yellow Sky Lantern

  • Orange Sky Lantern

  • Coral Sky Lantern

  • Red Sky Lantern

  • Pale Pink Sky Lantern

  • Fuchsia Sky Lantern

  • Lilac Sky Lantern

  • Turquoise Sky Lantern

  • Royal Blue Sky Lantern

  • Apple Green Sky Lantern

  • Chocolate Sky Lantern

  • Grey Sky Lantern

  • White Heart Sky Lantern

  • Red Heart Sky Lantern

  • Fuchsia Heart Sky Lantern

  • French Flag Sky Lantern

  • Union Jack Sky Lantern

  • -42%

    Italian Flag Sky Lantern

  • -37%

    Belgian Flag Sky Lantern

  • Alien Sky Lantern

  • Halloween Sky Lantern

  • Lighter

  • Tube Blanc

  • Apple Green Sky Lanterns x5

  • Produit de test et test du journal

  • -36%

    Turquoise Sky Lanterns x5

  • Lilac Sky Lanterns x5