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Create Inspirational Places To Grow Up With Baby Shower Decorations

If this sounds appealing, SkyLantern Original has all of the baby shower decorations a party organiser could need. One great idea is to decorate the party with items that can then be used in the newborn baby's room. You could arrange star lanterns or candle bags that babies will adore as they lie in their cradles. Their beauty will kindle the imagination of any baby, and create a calming, pleasant place for them to spend their first few months.

SkyLantern Original have plenty of decorations that will be just as appropriate for the shower itself as they will for the baby's nursery. There are gleaming golden letter balloons, rosettes, Japanese globe lanterns and Chinese sky lanterns that could be released to symbolize new life. For some families, christenings or baptisms will also be important, and our candle bags and tea lights are perfect for such occasions.

All of our sky lanterns, candle bags and floating lanterns are crafted using fireproof materials. This is really important where babies are concerned, and mothers can rest assured that they will always be safe to use. Our LED garlands long-lasting lamps that do not need mains power - so there won't be any cables hanging loose for babies to pull. They don't need naked flames either, making them extra safe.

Help mothers-to-be to plan ahead, so that their baby can explore the world in a beautiful environment, by checking out SkyLantern Original's baby shower decorations collection.

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  • Apple Green Sky Lanterns x5

  • Flying Letter To Santa (English)

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    Turquoise Sky Lanterns x5

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