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Magical pieces that will thrill your guests

You've set the date and chosen the venue and considering wedding decorations ideas is now one of your most important tasks. You'll find everything you require easily and conveniently at SkyLantern Original. Our gorgeous Japanese paper balls are ideal for marriage ceremonies and are available in a wide choice of romantic colours including white, pale pink, peach, lemon and lime. Heap different sizes on tables to create an unusual display, string them in trees or place them in alcoves and on shelves as an eye-catching feature. You can also add an alluring glow to tables with decorative paper bag tea light holders in colours that match or contrast with your flowers or bridesmaid's dresses or select realistic LED candles made from real wax that stays true to form for up to 150 hours.

Details that you will adore

Spectacular Chinese lanterns are a fabulous choice for cocktail receptions or as a romantic display to end your evening celebrations. Try our heart-shaped lanterns in red, pink and white for added impact. They glow brightly as they soar into the evening sky and they're an excellent alternative to fireworks that won't cause unnecessary stress or harm to wildlife. Floating water candles also look beautiful in the moonlight and the effect can be accentuated with pretty strings of LED garlands in toning or contrasting shades in trees or bushes outdoors or on ceilings inside. All SkyLantern Original products:

  • Comply with UK and European safety standards
  • Are made from superior quality materials
  • Are delivered quickly to your home or wedding venue
Our best-sellers
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    White Sky Lantern

  • White Diamond Sky Lantern

  • Top Sales

    Multicoloured Sky Lanterns x6

  • -60%

    White Chinese Sky Lantern

  • Rainbow Sky Lantern

  • Yellow Sky Lantern

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    Orange Sky Lantern

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    Red Sky Lantern

  • Top Sales

    Fuchsia Sky Lantern

  • Coral Sky Lantern

  • Pale Pink Sky Lantern

  • Lilac Sky Lantern

  • Turquoise Sky Lantern

  • Grey Sky Lantern

  • Royal Blue Sky Lantern

  • Apple Green Sky Lantern

  • -77%

    Chocolate Sky Lantern

  • Black Week

    Fuchsia Heart Sky Lantern

  • Lighter

  • White Heart Sky Lantern

  • Red Heart Sky Lantern

  • French Flag Sky Lantern

  • Union Jack Sky Lantern

  • -83%

    Italian Flag Sky Lantern

  • -74%

    Belgian Flag Sky Lantern

  • Alien Sky Lantern

  • Halloween Sky Lantern

  • Tube Blanc

  • Apple Green Sky Lanterns x5

  • Flying Letter To Santa (English)

  • -72%

    Turquoise Sky Lanterns x5

  • -72%

    Lilac Sky Lanterns x5

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x5

  • Top Sales

    White Sky Lanterns x30

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x10

  • Top Sales

    White Sky Lanterns x50

  • Turquoise Sky Lanterns x100

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x20

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x30

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x40

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x50

  • Fuchsia Sky Lanterns x100

  • White Sky Lanterns x5