Get inspired by our decorations

Party planning is all about feeling creative and letting your inspiration flow. No matter how creative you are, it helps to have a wide range of beautiful decoration ideas to choose from. So let the decoration selection at the SkyLantern Original website inspire you to create the perfect party design.

Our range has something for every occasion. Light is a crucial part of any occasion, and SkyLantern Original offers plenty of gorgeously crafted lanterns, tea lights, sky lanterns and fairy lights that can be combined in an endless variety of lighting set-ups. Along with lanterns and lights, you can also choose balloons, twine, garlands and bunting - everything that party planners could desire.

Finding the right ensemble of decorations is simple. Whatever your design challenge, you can use our specially prepared slide show guides to create unified, attractive decorative themes using SkyLantern Original's products. These stretch from inspirational ideas for one-off events like christenings or wedding receptions to complete décor overhauls for the rooms of your home. Wedding planners can create a romantic, bright and positive atmosphere by hanging a collection of our globe shaped rice paper lanterns and linking them with decorative twine. Or perhaps you need to decorate the nursery of a new-born child. At SkyLantern Original - that's no problem. You can combine colourful Maya bag lights which use safe, flame-free LEDs, along with glittering balloons.

Instead of clicking through the whole catalogue, our style guides make it easy to check out expertly created themes. You can find information about all of the decoration ideas recommended for your party, allowing you to choose exactly the right decorations for the atmosphere that you want to create.

Simply click on the images above, and start your adventure in party design with SkyLantern Original.