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  • White Metal Curl Hearts Fairy Lights

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    White Metal Little Hearts Fairy Lights

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    Copper Metal Little Hearts Fairy Lights

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    Gold Metal Little Hearts Fairy Lights

  • Cinema LightBox A4 White

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    Black symbol pack

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Battery garland
For a cosy atmosphere

Light up your home with LED garlands

A sparkling table

Thanks to luminous decorations

Add Magic To Your Party With Garlands Of Fairy Lights

Create a magical look for wedding parties and birthday celebrations or simply add a beautiful touch to your garden with the fairy lights selection at SkyLantern Original. These lights are designed to be strung as garlands and are a great way to quickly make party venues appear lively and colourful. If you have awkward spaces to fill, they are also excellent way to fill in the gaps.

Our luminous garlands come in a wide variety of designs. There are romantic hearts with intricate pink or gold metalwork. Or you could choose a combination of illuminated flowers to go alongside your lanterns and balloons. with 14 different designs and plenty of colours to choose from, there will always be fairy lights to suit your unique party design.

Hanging up a length of illuminated lights is one of the easiest ways to add texture to a party venue. Our lights all feature clear, reliable LEDs are long-lasting and will provide plenty of brightness. This makes them perfect for avoiding dark spots in the corners of your venue or for creating an outside space to enjoy when the sun goes down.

Luminous garlands will be useful for weddings - with heart shaped and flower themed models - but they will also be ideal for Christmas decorations. Wherever you place them, our garlands will add warmth and romance to an occasion. Hang them from your walls or use them to light tables. String them across furnishings or tie them to your garden fence. They can be used however you desire, so express your creativity and come up with a party decoration scheme that will dazzle everyone who attends. Find out more by checking out the party lighting selection at SkyLantern Original.