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  • Battery-powered LED garland A warm atmosphere without connection
  • Easy to use Sparkling decoration in a blink
  • The largest selection on the market 14 available models
  • Quick installation
  • 10 LEDs
  • Unique models
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Enchanting Garland of Moroccan Bronze LED Lights

Add a sophisticated touch of decoration with these Moroccan style bronze metal balls containing LED lights. Hang a few strings on the Christmas tree for an elegant finish, line a mirror or shelf for a sparkling twist or add to party decor for almost any occasion.

Each garland has ten lights encased in intricately designed bronze coloured metal balls. The balls are not only delightful decorations but also create an interesting light and shadows. Thanks to the clear wire, the lights appear to float beautifully on their own. The bulbs are white hot LED for long-lasting, bright illumination.

Whether adding pretty lighting to a wedding reception, birthday party or simply elevating your home decor, these lights are as stylish as they are practical. Safe and easy to use, SkyLantern Original products are always worry and hassle free.

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  • Material :


  • Batteries type :


  • LED color :

    Hot white

  • Color :


  • Lenght :


  • Number of LED :


  • Weight :

    87.4 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the garland
  • 2
    Insert 2 AA batteries in the box provided
  • 3
    Position the switch to "ON" for the garland lights
  • 4
    Unfold, hang and the magic will start!