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  • Battery-powered LED garland A warm atmosphere without connection
  • Easy to use Sparkling decoration in a blink
  • The largest selection on the market Many different models available
  • Quick installation
  • 10 LEDs
  • Unique models
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Stylish decor made easy with these copper metal little hearts fairy lights

Whether you are looking for romantic decorations for a wedding or whether you want unique pieces for your home, this product is for you !

These copper metal little hearts fairy lights are battery operated and can be used safely in any location. Hang them, wrap them or group them together to make your party decor look truly special.

These fairy lights is composed by 10 LEDs heart cast a delicate glow that is enhanced by their lattice design. They can be incorporated into any wedding, party theme or used with pretty red paper ball decorations for Valentine’s Day. Try winding them around the base of beautiful SkyLantern-Original LED candles as a table decoration, team them with contrasting paper bag lights, or use them as attractive tie-backs for curtains or drapes.

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  • Material :


  • LED color :

    Hot white

  • Color :


  • Lenght :


  • Number of LED :


  • Weight :

    102.35 g


Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the garland
  • 2
    Insert 2 AA batteries in the box provided
  • 3
    Position the switch to "ON" for the garland lights
  • 4
    Unfold, hang and the magic will start!
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