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  • Supplement of 3m Garland A decoration to create according to your desires
  • 10 Bulbes de 5 LEDs Get intense lighting!
  • Protected against water and dust For indoor and outdoor decoration !
  • Garland Certified by "Bureau Veritas" Safety guaranteed by CE standards
  • Longueur 3m
  • 10 bulbs of 5 LEDs
  • Normes CE et IP44

Enlarge your festoon light for a spectacular effect !

For you sweet summer evenings or all your events, install the SkyLantern white or multicoloured festoon light linked to this white festoon light complement for an even more spectacular result !.

Mix the colours and enlarge tour dance wreath up to 12 meters by connecting 4 extensions on the same transformer ! You will be able to install your garland in the trees of your garden or ceiling of your reception room.

If you simply want to add length to your festoon light to simplify the connection, you can opt for the 3-meter long SkyLantern crossover cable.

Connect the festoon light together and connect them to the electrical transformer. To connect your complement, you will first need to remove the cap on the tip of the daisy chain by unscrewing it counter clockwise. The SkyLantern festoon light comply with CE and IP44 standards, enabling them to be secure, resistant to water and the external environment. The bulbs are also strong and very resistant.

CAUTION : you must already have a SkyLantern white or multicoloured festoon light to use this product.

The supplement white festoon light is an extension made up of white bulbs which will allow you to complete the wreath festoon light that you will have already chooser or bought.The transformer and extension cable are therefore not included.

You will love this products which will allow you to enlarge your festoon light while keeping the same intensity of light !

  • Reference :


  • LED color :

    Hot white

  • Color :


  • Lenght :


  • Number of LED :

    5 LEDs per bulb

  • Espacement LEDs :

    27 cm

  • Type d'ampoule :

    Bulbe 5 LEDs (non remplaçable)

  • Durée de vie LED :

    25 000 h

  • Weight :

    805 g


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