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  • Battery-powered LED garland A warm atmosphere without connection
  • Easy to use Sparkling decoration in a blink
  • The largest selection on the market 14 available models
  • Quick installation
  • 10 LEDs
  • Unique models
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Refined Rose Rattan Lights

Beautiful battery operated fairy lights

These warm LED lights, encased in naturally woven rattan balls, are striking, attractive and elegant. Measuring 5' in length, this set of battery operated fairy lights can be used to decorate the garden and the home. If you're looking to add a unique touch to your birthday or anniversary celebrations, these rattan lights are the perfect choice. What's more, these lights can be paired with other rose-coloured decorative products in our range. This piece is available in three separate, yet complementary, colours.

Stunning lights from SkyLantern Original

Here at SkyLantern Original, we carry a wide range of decorative products, from LED lights to floating lanterns. The quality of our products has been consistently praised in the mainstream media and what’s more, we have successfully served thousands of satisfied customers over the years. On our secure, easy-to-use website, you'll find all of the decorations you need to throw a truly unforgettable party. SkyLantern Original: superior products; sublime service.

  • Reference :


  • Material :


  • Batteries type :


  • LED color :

    Hot white

  • Lenght :


  • Color :

    Pale pink

  • Number of LED :


  • Weight :

    37.95 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the garland
  • 2
    Insert 2 AA batteries in the box provided
  • 3
    Position the switch to "ON" for the garland lights
  • 4
    Unfold, hang and the magic will start!
- Customers Reviews Pale Pink Rattan Fairy Lights -
Customers Reviews Pale Pink Rattan Fairy Lights
Note Globale 5/5
sur 2 Avis Client certifiés.
Andréa  A.
Publié le 27 mai 2020
Très contente du produit. Joli effet dans un bocal en verre.
Evelyne  e.
Publié le 31 oct. 2018
trés bonne qualité
Note Globale 5/5
sur 2 Avis Client certifiés.