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  • Battery-powered LED garland A warm atmosphere without connection
  • Easy to use Sparkling decoration in a blink
  • The largest selection on the market 14 available models
  • Quick installation
  • 10 LEDs
  • Unique models
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Be Inspired By Our Battery Powered Fairy Lights

Garlands are the ideal way to add definition to a wedding venue. When they are strung around windows and doors out battery powered fairy lights will show off your design skills and make the setting look enchanting.

These LED lit garlands are made up of beautifully crafted rattan balls. Each of them contains a battery powered LED lamp that will maintain its brightness all night long.

With these rattan garlands, you won't need to worry about plugging them in. There is no need for long lengths of cable that may cause people to trip up. Instead, you can arrange your fairy lights however you wish.

Create magical garden spaces, fill in bare spaces on the walls or ceilings, or wrap our garlands around clusters of paper lanterns to create a superb effect. They aren't just suitable for weddings. These garlands will be just as effective at Christmas, birthdays of house warming parties.

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  • LED color :

    Hot white

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    37.95 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the garland
  • 2
    Insert 2 AA batteries in the box provided
  • 3
    Position the switch to "ON" for the garland lights
  • 4
    Unfold, hang and the magic will start!