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    White Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • Yellow Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • Orange Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • Red Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • Fuchsia Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • Lilac Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • Turquoise Floating Tulum Candle Bag

  • Dark Green Floating Tulum Candle Bag

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    White Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Yellow Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Orange Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Red Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Fuchsia Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Lilac Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Turquoise Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Apple Green Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • White Lotus floating flower

  • Yellow Lotus floating flower

  • Orange Lotus floating flower

  • -55%

    Red Lotus floating flower

  • Pale Pink Lotus floating flower

  • Lilac Lotus floating flower

  • Turquoise Lotus floating flower

  • Apple Green Lotus Water Lantern

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    LED Tea Light X1

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    LED Tea Lights X24

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    Tea Light Candles

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Romantic intimate dinner

Charm your special someone with our decoration objects

Venture into the exotic!

Flowers have made their way to SkyLantern, for an extra dash of originality

Above the water

Your water feautres deserve some dazzling decoration!

You would like to create a magical atmosphere or a romantic one?

Illuminating the sky with Chinese lanterns for this moment is not the only solution. You can add to this launch of sky lanterns, other lanterns to give a stunning glow to our occasion.

Historically, floating water lanterns are also known in the Far East for special events. You want to send a message of joy, happiness, hope or of remembrance, paper floating lanterns can be of a spectacular glowing effect. For your party, wedding or any special event, impress your guests and illuminate your pond, pool or any body of water with floating paper lanterns.

Floating water lanterns are easy to use: unfold them and simply add inside a tea light candle. Light your lanterns with a LED tea light candle if you want a long lasting effect. These lanterns can be used with traditional tea lights as the paper is non-flammable. Once lit, the candle, either traditional or LED tea light, inside the floating lantern produces a soft flickering light and creates a special ambiance. Each traditional floating water lantern has a cut out design which not only allows some of the light from the candle to shine through, but also add some special reflecting effects. Floating lanterns can be mixed with coloured candle bags and hanging paper lanterns for a fairy-tale scenery. Make a superb addition to a romantic relaxing moment during the twilight hours or any summer garden party!

Choose among our wide range of floating water lanterns to match your event. You have the choice between the traditional candle floating lanterns made of flame-retardant paper and nymphaea flower floating lanterns and water lily flower floating lanterns. Let them float on water and they will be of a sumptuous effect, and the reflections of light on the surface of the water will add an enchanting effect, creating a magical scenery.

Combined to our Chinese sky lanterns, candle bags, hanging paper lanterns and tea lights, our floating water lanterns will create the perfect magical and memorable atmosphere.

Choose SkyLantern Original to impress your family, friends and guests with a stunning, enchanting and poetic ambiance!