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Above the water

Your water feautres deserve some dazzling decoration!

Use Water Creatively With Our Floating Paper Lanterns

If you are designing a party at a venue with ponds or lakes in the grounds, the floating candle bag designs from SkyLantern Original will be a fantastic addition. There is no need to let stretches of water go to waste. With a little creativity, they can be turned into a fundamental aspect of your party design. So take a leaf out of the book of Europe’s most prestigious event planners and check out SkyLantern’s candle bags.

Even the smallest patch of water can be given life and beauty by a well-chosen candle bag. Water itself seems designed to be illuminated. When a flickering candle is cast across it, the water comes alive with texture and shapes, creating a stunning effect that will mesmerize partygoers. Too often, party planners leave water out of their designs – but with our candle bags, you can make it work for you in spectacular style.

Keep Guests Safe And Make Your Garden Beautiful

Our floating paper lanterns are made from sustainable materials and are very simple to unpack, assemble and launch. All they require is a simple tealight, which provides enough light to illuminate large patches of water for as long as you will need. They come in a variety of designs, with different patterns of holes punched into the paper, creating magical shapes on the water and in the night air.

With the right planning, even the dullest outdoor space can be enlivened and enchanted – creating delight in every wedding reception or birthday party guest. Our candle bags also allow party planners to show guests where ponds are, helping to keep them safe and dry. No planner wants any accidents at their event – so why not blend your safety and decorative elements in style?