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  • Turquoise Lotus floating flower

  • Apple Green Lotus Water Lantern

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Turn Your Pond Into A Dazzling Light Show

Is there anything more magical and atmospheric than the sight of LED candles gently bobbing up and down on a pond, as music plays in the background and party guests enjoy the outdoor air? If this sounds enticing to you, SkyLantern Original offers a huge selection of floating flower lanterns that will turn the outdoor part of your venue into a gorgeously illuminated wonderland.

The LED candles in our floating lanterns will play delicately over the water - creating a dappled effect due to the ripples of the pond. All night long, partygoers will be able to come outside to breathe the fresh air, and will be greeted by a beautifully lit spectacle. Instead of a dark, useless patch of water, there will be an attractive light show for everyone to enjoy.

These floating flower lanterns have a cleverly designed floral appearance, so they will blend in neatly with lily pads and look right at home on any stretch of water. With their lotus flower design, these floating lanterns echo timeless Chinese and Japanese lanterns, that have been used to bring good luck for thousands of years - and you can use them to the same end.

They are guaranteed to remain upright and afloat for as long as you need, and are very easy to assemble and launch. Every part of them is sustainably sourced and non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about harming the wildlife either.

Our lanterns will be the ideal addition to summer garden parties, wedding receptions with an outdoor section, or just evenings with friends in your garden - as the sun dips down and the drinks start to flow. Adults and children will adore them, and they could be exactly the right finishing touch to crown your party design.