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  • Floating water lantern with LED Enlighten your water bodies in all circumstances
  • LED in the color of the lantern For more intense colors
  • Batteries included Light, set, illuminate
  • Batteries included
  • Easy to light
  • Waterproof
Other colors :

Floating flower water lanterns UK - in refreshing orange

This floating lantern is elegant, modern and highly stylish. It is in a vibrant citrus-orange colour, which contrasts beautifully against the green base. Appearing as a water lily, this floating lantern certainly looks at home on indoors and outdoors water features, such as fountain pools and ponds. This water lantern may be used as a standalone decoration, or used in combination with other SkyLantern Original decorations to create a complete theme for you wedding, birthday or business party. Switch the light function on in the evening, and this orange lantern will radiate a cosy, welcoming glow.

Pary decoration - floating orange water-lily light

Get creative with this LED orange lantern, and impress your guests. It can be easily placed on surfaces around the house and garden, or you can pop its protective-cap on and place it on water. For an autumn party, the vibrant orange works well with decorations in earthy colours, such as pink and brown, and for the summer it may be styled with yellow, lilac and blue. It comes with batteries, which you can expect to last about 180 hours.

  • Reference :


  • Height :


  • Material :


  • LED color :


  • Color :


  • Duration :

    180 hours

  • Width :


  • Weight :

    92 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Hold the LED nymphea and remove the tab
  • 2
    Turn the ON/OFF
  • 3
    The nymphea is alight
  • 4
    Place the nymphea and enjoy the result !
- Customers Reviews Orange Nymphea LED Water Lantern -
Customers Reviews Orange Nymphea LED Water Lantern
Note Globale 4/5
sur 2 Avis Client certifiés.
Publié le 24 mai 2019
Petit mais ok
Antonio  a.
Publié le 05 déc. 2018
trop belle la nuit
Note Globale 4/5
sur 2 Avis Client certifiés.