Decorative LED Candle Lights

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  • Waves Ivory LED Wax Pillar Candles With...

  • Waves Ivory LED Wax Pillar Candles With...

  • Ivory Battery LED Wax Pillar Candles With...

  • Ivory Battery LED Wax Pillar Candles With...

  • Ivory Battery LED Wax Pillar Candles With...

  • Ivory Battery LED Wax Pillar Candles With...

  • Battery Powered Led Lights For Paper Lanterns

  • Ivory Frostfire Moon Candle 3"

  • Ivory Frostfire Moon Candle 4"

  • Ivory Frostfire Moon Candle 6"

  • Ivory Pillar Wax Candle 3"

  • Ivory Pillar Wax Candle 4"

  • Ivory Pillar Wax Candle 6"

  • Ivory Battery LED Wax Pillar Candles 12"

  • Ivory Pillar Wax Candle Triangle 5"

  • Silver Frostfire Moon Candle 4"

  • Gold Frostfire Moon Candle 4"

  • Ivory Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Yellow Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Orange Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Red Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Pale Pink Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Lilac Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Turquoise Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Apple Green Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Grey Round Wax LED Candle 2"

  • Ivory Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • Yellow Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • Orange Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • Red Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • Pale Pink Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • Lilac Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • Royal Blue Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • Apple Green Pillar Wax Candle X3

  • White Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Yellow Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Orange Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Red Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Fuchsia Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Lilac Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Turquoise Nymphea LED Water Lantern

  • Apple Green Nymphea LED Water Lantern

Our decorative inspirations

Weddings, intimate dinner, Christmas or New Year… Each event has its own decor!

Whether you are searching for an original illuminating touch for a party?

A glowing wedding ambiance? You would like to create an enchanting setting or a romantic and poetic atmosphere? Imagine a unique lighting effect with the magical selection of flameless LED decorative candles on offer at SkyLantern Original.

Add a touch of romance indoor or outdoor with our wide range of decorative LED candles. They are ideal for a stunning effect at your wedding. Choose our decorative LED candle lights and share a special and delightful moment with your family and friends. You will not have to care about the burning time of the candles, messy wax or any risk of fire, burnt fingers or children playing with fire. A decorative LED candle is a safe and nice alternative to traditional candles. There is no naked flame, smoke and messy wax and the flickering effect is similar to traditional candles. Made of real wax, our battery operated LED candles, have a gentle flicker from the LED light bulb and look as authentic as traditional candles.

Our range of LED operated battery candles comprises: pillar, rustic and round. All our decorative LED candles can be used in situations where traditional candles are not appropriate. Some reception halls do not accept traditional candles because of fire risks, and this is why LED candles are safe to use. They are ideal for tables, mantelpieces, furnishings and are of a superb effect in gardens, on the door steps.

For a continued use, you can expect up to 2 days of illumination, these long life candles, last over 50 hours before batteries will need to be changed. Make a wonderful addition to your reception room, or your home with our LED candles. The natural flickering light of candles is perfectly imitated and our wide range of candles: frost fire moon candles, pillar, round are ideal for your wedding, parties, and other festive occasion.

Choose SkyLantern Original as partner for the perfect moment and impress your guests with an original or cosy decoration! Combine different heights, shapes and colours to create a magical, romantic, festive or stunning decoration!