Paper Lanterns

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  • Battery Powered Led Lights For Paper Lanterns

  • White Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • White Paper Lantern Lights

  • White Round Paper Lantern 8"

  • White Round Paper Lantern 24"

  • Fuchsia Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • White Paper Pom Poms 12" x2

  • White Round Paper Lantern 4"

  • Red Paper Lantern Lights

  • Turquoise Paper Lantern Lights

  • Pale Pink Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • Apple Green Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • Fuchsia Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • Ivory Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • Apple Green Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • Apple Green Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • Grey Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • Red Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • White Paper Pom Poms 8" x2

  • Fuchsia Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • Red Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • Turquoise Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • Grey Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • Grey Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • Pale Pink Round Paper Lantern 20"

  • Ivory Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • Turquoise Round Paper Lantern 16"

  • Red Round Paper Lantern 12"

  • Blue Tassel Garland

  • PinkTassel Garland

  • Red Tassel Garland

  • White Tassel Garland

  • Grey Tassel Garland

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The magic of Christmas

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A rustic wedding

Bring a fresh touch to your wedding with our décor inspiration.

Are you looking for an original decoration for your party, your wedding or a special event?

You would like to share this moment with joy, happiness and impress your guests with your decoration? You would like to create easily a superb atmosphere, without spending long hours of preparation or a lot of money?

Choose paper lanterns for a festive atmosphere, and mix colours and shapes for a stunning effect. This simple decoration will make a wonderful addition to your home, or banquet hall. Ideal for a cosy party garden, child’s bedroom, interior home decoration, paper lanterns are also of a superb effect for wedding parties, or any big party. Easy to use and to suspend, our hanging lanterns are made of paper and are available in different shapes and sizes: round, star, honeycomb - round or diamond, accordion, snowflakes, pom pom…Unfold them and hang them in a few minutes!

A round paper lantern can be individually illuminated with a LED light. Instead of choosing string lights, create a sumptuous effect with round paper lanterns hanged to ceilings, arches, trees, columns, facades…Other paper lanterns like the star paper lanterns or floating water lanterns or candle bags can be illuminated with LED lights : buttonlites or tea lights.

Hanging paper lanterns can be used indoor or outdoor. Choose between the different sizes : 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, and the variety of colours : white, ivory, yellow, orange, coral, red, light pink, pink, parma, green water, turquoise, royal blue, green, grey, chocolate, black, silver, gold and special patterns : gradient (yellow, orange, red, pink, parma, turquoise, green, grey), chevron (yellow, red, light pink, turquoise, green, grey, black) and dotted (yellow, red, light pink, turquoise, green, grey, black).

Create a unique decoration, reflecting your personality or your mood and match to your round paper lanterns, star lanterns, the gold or silver paper will be of a festive effect, or accordion or honeycomb shaped lanterns. Tissue paper pompoms, paper snowflakes and buntings can be associated to illuminated paper lanterns. Let go your creativity and imagination and choose our paper lanterns to express yourself!