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  • High-quality round rice paper lantern No tears, sparkling colors
  • Easy assembly Decorate your indoors or outdoors in just a few minutes
  • The largest selection on the market 5 sizes, 32 colors, 161 models available
  • Express assembly
  • 32 colors
  • Discount on bulk orders
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Use Outdoor Hanging Lantern Lights To Illuminate Your Garden Party

Inject some bright colours to your party with these gorgeous 20" wide red globe lanterns from the SkyLantern Original collection.

These lanterns are made from high quality Japanese rice paper, which makes them strong and light - ideal for hanging from tree branches during outdoor parties.

If you are hosting an outdoor barbecue or you need to decorate a wedding reception that uses large amounts of outdoor space, our outdoor hanging lantern lights will be ideal. With their soft flickering LED lights, they provide enough illumination to turn gardens into fairy-tale spaces that all of your guests can enjoy.

All of our globe lanterns are easy to assemble and reusable. They are made from sustainably harvested paper, and you can buy plenty of different colours and sizes. Lighting any party should be easy with the SkyLantern Original collection.

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  • Material :

    Rice paper

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  • Weight :

    138 g


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