Honeycomb Paper Balls

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  • White Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Ivory Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Red Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Pale Pink Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Rustic Pink Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Fuchsia Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Girly Pink Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Sea Green Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Apple Green Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Royal Blue Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Petrol Blue Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Sand Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • Grey Honeycomb Paper Ball 8"

  • White Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Ivory Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Red Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Pale Pink Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Fuchsia Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Sea Green Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Apple Green Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Grey Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Royal Blue Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Sand Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • Petrol Blue Honeycomb Paper Ball 12"

  • White Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • Ivory Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • Red Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • Pale Pink Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • Fuchsia Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • Sea Green Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • Apple Green Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • Grey Honeycomb Diamond 12"

  • White Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Ivory Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Red Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Pale Pink Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Fuchsia Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Sea Green Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Apple Green Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Grey Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Royal Blue Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Sand Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • Petrol Blue Honeycomb Paper Ball 16"

  • White Honeycomb Diamond 20"

  • Ivory Honeycomb Diamond 20"

  • Red Honeycomb Diamond 20"

  • Pale Pink Honeycomb Diamond 20"

  • Fuchsia Honeycomb Diamond 20"

  • Sea Green Honeycomb Diamond 20"

  • Apple Green Honeycomb Diamond 20"

  • Grey Honeycomb Diamond 20"

Quick set-up
A rustic wedding

Bring a fresh touch to your wedding with our décor inspiration.

Are you looking for paper decorations to create a festive ambiance or a nice alternative to traditional paper balls ?

You can choose honeycomb paper balls to enhance your party decorations. You would like to add a colourful touch to your wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening or baby shower, honeycomb paper balls and diamonds can make a superb addition to any party or great for decoration a child’s bedroom, or your reception room.

Honeycomb paper lanterns are a fun way to decorate your house, wedding marquee, reception hall or hotel conference room. They are available in a great range of sizes: small, medium, large, vary from 20 to 50 cm. To suit your party, you also have the choice between 2 shapes: round or diamond and a large range of colours: bright or pastel. Each honeycomb lantern will arrive flat and is extremely easy to use and suspend. Only a few minutes are required to unfold the paper lantern, to remove the adhesive patch and hang the honeycomb lantern.

Honeycomb paper balls are light weight and re-usable, so can be easily transported everywhere or even abroad to a far destination wedding and stored away for future parties or events. Our soft pastel coloured honeycomb lanterns are the perfect match to our hanging paper lanterns like the round, star, accordion or snowflakes ones. Combine different hanging lanterns, mix colours and sizes and create a truly unique decorative piece at your wedding or event.

These lanterns can be of a great effect in a baby shower party, christening, children’s birthday party and can also be used as a permanent decorative element in a children’s bedroom. The round or diamond shapes evoke a funny decoration to children, and they would be delighted to decorate their party or bedroom with honeycomb paper lanterns, which are very easy to use and to hang. Decorating a room and hanging honeycomb lanterns can be a nice animation for children, as they will be happy to participate to this entertaining decorative workshop!

Choose among our range of honeycomb paper lanterns and add a nice decorative touch to your event!