Paper Snowflakes

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  • White Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Red Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Pale Pink Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Fuchsia Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Sea Green Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Apple Green Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Grey Paper Snowflake 12"

  • White Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Red Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Pale Pink Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Fuchsia Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Sea Green Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Apple Green Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Grey Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Royal Blue Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Sand Paper Snowflake 12"

  • Sand Paper Snowflake 20"

  • Petrol Blue Paper Snowflake 20"

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Sweet decoration !

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You are organising or planning to celebrate a party, a wedding or a birthday and you are searching for a unique and original decoration?

You would like to make a nice addition to your home and give a special touch to your decoration? Express your imagination and choose paper snowflakes!

Paper snowflakes add a carnival or festive feel to any party. They are of a great effect when hung in clusters and from the ceiling or used to decorate a plain wall. Easy and affordable, snowflakes paper lanterns offer a lot of decorative possibilities. Suspended to ceilings of wedding marquees, reception halls, hotel conference rooms, these paper lanterns are suitable for any event: wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening, baby shower…and are re-usable for any other occasion or for the decoration of the different rooms of your house.

Simple and practical, paper lanterns are very easy to use. Each snowflakes paper lantern is individually wrapped and will arrive flat folded. It requires very little assembly to bring the lanterns to the round shape and are very easy to suspend as they arrive with a short length pre-attached white string. They are ready in a few minutes and can be suspended in a glimpse. You can hang them individually and randomly or in clusters and display them on different heights.

Indoor or outdoor, snowflakes paper lanterns are of a superb effect! Choose among our range of colours and sizes and combine them to other paper lanterns or wedding or party decorations. These lanterns can be used around the house: in reception rooms, children’s bedrooms, hung in windows or from ceilings in Christmas time, suspended in trees for a summer garden party or barbecue or displayed on a wall. There are a lot of decorative possibilities and snowflakes lanterns can be used time and time again.

Choose our paper snowflakes to add a colourful touch to your party or celebration and create a joyful ambiance to suit to the venue of your guests! Their bright colours will make a wonderful addition to your parties and festive events! Your family, friends and guests will enjoy this festive touch!