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  • Paper snowflake in top-quality rice paper No tears, sparkling colors
  • Quick installation Unfold, hang and your decoration is in place
  • Quick assembly
  • 2 sizes
  • Discount on bulk orders
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Unique decorations for any party

To add finishing touches to your Christmas party decorations, try adding these rice paper rosettes. The unique look of these paper rosettes will add a splash of colour and another dimension to the look of your birthday party or romantic dinner. They look perfect at the ends of garlands or hanging on a christmas tree. The range of rosettes come in 9 different colours and in 2 sizes, so you can combine them to find a great decorative scene. The rosettes also look amazing when combined with other decorations from SkyLantern Original. The pom poms, Chinese lanterns, lampions and special balls all come in coordinated colours and when arranged together, give a synchronised, integrated look. Payment is easy and delivery is quick, giving you one less thing to worry about when planning your party.

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  • Material :

    Rice paper

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  • Weight :

    57.5 g


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