Paper Star Lanterns

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  • Battery Powered Led Lights For Paper Lanterns

  • White Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • -78%

    Yellow Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • -78%

    Orange Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • Red Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • Fuchsia Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • -78%

    Lilac Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • Turquoise Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • -78%

    Apple Green Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • Grey Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • Silver Paper Star Lantern 24"

  • Gold Paper Star Lantern 24"

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The magic of Christmas

Have an enchantful Christmas with our special selection

Are you searching for an original decoration for a party, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, a christening, a baby shower?

Our paper star lanterns can be of a superb effect! You will give a stunning and nice touch to your decoration and your friends, family and guests will be impressed by your creativity!

Paper star lanterns are of a great effect, as their shape can be combined to any festive decoration. Use them for a wedding, birthday party or for Christmas and your room will be decorated in a unique way. Our star lanterns are available in a variety of colours, are 60 cm in width and are perfect for any occasion, or in any room in your home. Indoor or outdoor, they can be used for their bright colours or their illuminating possibilities. In the summer time, hang the bright coloured star lanterns to the branches of the trees in your garden, or to the walls of your terrace, porch. In winter time, our gold and silver star lanterns can be of a great effect throughout the festive period of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can hang them above your Christmas dining table or decorate your living room or entrance hall.

Our star paper lanterns are available in 10 colours, and will arrive flat folded and are extremely easy to hang. A few seconds are needed to unfold the lantern and to adapt the length of the pre-attached silver elastic string. Suspend them randomly or in clusters to ceilings, in windows…Our paper star lanterns are designed to be combined with our other hanging paper lanterns, so that you can create a unique decorative piece for your wedding or Christmas party. For a wonderful lighting effect, insert a LED buttonlite and a soft glow of light will be visible through the cut out designs of the paper star lantern. Illuminated gold and silver star lanterns will be of a wonderful effect with reflections of lights on their glossy paper.

For your parties and celebrations: wedding, Christmas, birthdays…choose our range of paper star lanterns to create a very unique decoration!