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  • Tissue paper pom pom in top-quality rice paper No tears, sparkling colors
  • Easy assembly 3 minutes to create your décor
  • The largest selection on the market 4 sizes, 21 colors, 84 available models
  • Easy assembly
  • 21 colors
  • Set of 2
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Soft Silk Royal Blue Pom Pom

An elegant silk paper pom pom

These silk paper decorative pom poms are the ideal party accessory. Delicate and attractive, these decorative pom poms can be hung alone or in multi-coloured groups from ceilings, furniture and foliage. At just 12" in height, these soft, royal blue pom poms are easy to assemble: simply unfold each of the flattened sides to reveal a host of carefully cut petals. These medium sized pom poms can also be used to complement other pieces in our range, from paper lanterns to decorative cardboard stars.

Sleek silk pom poms from SkyLantern Original

Here at SkyLantern Original, all of our decorative products are crafted out of the finest materials. All of the items we ship are packaged incredibly securely to ensure that they arrive at your door in pristine condition. Having been in business for a number of years, we have amassed an extensive range of unique products. SkyLantern Original: the number one choice for chic and striking party decorations.

  • Reference :


  • Height :


  • Material :

    Silk paper

  • Color :

    Royal blue

  • Width :


  • Weight :

    138 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Attach the ribbon in center of pom pom
  • 2
    Unfold the petals to the right of ribbon
  • 3
    And the petals to the left
  • 4
    Adjust the shape of pom pom and hang it !