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  • Tissue paper pom pom in top-quality rice paper No tears, sparkling colors
  • Easy assembly 3 minutes to create your décor
  • The largest selection on the market 4 sizes, 21 colors, 84 available models
  • Easy assembly
  • 21 colors
  • Set of 2
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Royal blue paper tissue pom poms for a striking visual effect

If you have chosen royal blue as the theme colour for your wedding, you'll just need something old, something new and something borrowed to make the traditional lucky set. But flowers and appropriate decorations might be proving a bit more hard to find. With these royal blue paper tissue pom poms, there is one less thing to worry about. This item measures 20" across but it is also available in other sizes and colours.

This item might look a bit more complicated to assemble than some of the charms offered by SkyLantern Original but in reality, they are really quite simple to make once you have got the hang of it: just unfold, separate, join the two halves to each other and pull out the petals for a charming and artistic effect. Two to a pack.

  • Reference :


  • Height :


  • Material :

    Silk paper

  • Color :

    Royal blue

  • Width :


  • Weight :

    138 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Attach the ribbon in center of pom pom
  • 2
    Unfold the petals to the right of ribbon
  • 3
    And the petals to the left
  • 4
    Adjust the shape of pom pom and hang it !