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Our decorative inspirations

Weddings, intimate dinner, Christmas or New Year… Each event has its own decor!

You always wanted to impress your guests with a surprising activity?

Or share a special moment with your family and friends and end up a party, a birthday or any festive occasion with a stunning lighting effect? Chinese lanterns are the perfect matching to your event! They will symbolize a message of joy, happiness, freedom and hope, flying into the sky. A Chinese lantern also called Kongming lantern, is a small hot air balloon made of rice paper, bamboo frame and a cotton and paper fuel cell. Traditionally launched for centuries in China and in Asia for festivities, sky lanterns are nowadays launched for various occasions: weddings, unions, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, New Year’s Day, national days, festivals, meetings, commemorations, remembrances or any other event.

Chinese lanterns are traditionally balloon shaped, and other shapes: tube, diamond, heart and other fancy ones are also available. The 3 traditional and main shapes are: balloon, tube and diamond and are used since centuries in Asia, in countries like China, Taiwan and Thailand. From the traditional white to bright colours, coloured Chinese lanterns are visible as they set off in the sky. Mix colours and shapes for a festive effect.

Launching sky lanterns is an easy and simple animation full of poetry and lyricism sending your message into the sky. Made of 100 % flame-retardant rice paper, our Chinese lanterns are 100 % biodegradable as the bamboo frame, rice paper and paper and cotton fuel cell will disappear into nature within some weeks. A simple lighter is needed to burn the cotton and paper fuel, filling up the lantern with hot air for 90 seconds and letting it go and rise into the sky. The Chinese lantern will soar into the deep night sky and disappear like a flickering star.

In addition to the celebration of your event, sky lanterns will be of a surprisingly lighting effect. Their stunning glow and bright colours will enlighten your event! Your guests will enjoy celebrating this moment with you. They will participate to make this moment perfect and unforgettable! Choose our sky lanterns to create this perfect moment!!!