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  • Flying lantern in 100% fireproof paper No tears, no risk of ignition
  • Safety burner No dripping wax, burner already attached
  • Quick lighting No assembly
  • Metal-free
  • 100% fireproof paper
  • Bio degradable paper
  • Certified by Veritas
Other colors :

The sky's the limit with SkyLantern Original

Here from SkyLantern Original is a single dark pink Thai sky lantern with all the fixtures and fittings you need to make it work. These are also available in bulk discount packages of one colour or a selection; check the links below for more details.

To make your Thai Sky lantern work, all you need to do is introduce a match or lighter to the ignition source in the base of the balloon and wait a couple of minutes while ensuring it is upright. This will have the effect of filling the cavity with hot air, in turn this creates an uplift on the same principle as a hot air balloon. Then it will gradually lift itself off the floor (or from your hands) and begin an 26'inute journey into the sky. If you have never had wish lanterns before, it really is an inspiring sight, and one that children will find especially rewarding.

  • Reference :


  • Height :


  • Material :

    100% fireproof rice paper

  • Color :


  • Duration :

    8 minutes

  • Width :


  • Weight :

    132.25 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the lantern and hold
  • 2
    A second person lights the burner
  • 3
    Wait 1mn30 the lantern inflates
  • 4
    Your lantern flies!