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  • Flying lantern in 100% fireproof paper No tears, no risk of ignition
  • Safety burner No dripping wax, burner already attached
  • Quick lighting No assembly
  • Metal-free
  • 100% fireproof paper
  • Bio degradable paper
  • Certified by Veritas
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Stage a Dazzling Light Show With Our Japanese Sky Lantern Selection

Launching Japanese sky lanterns is the perfect way to end a special wedding party, and at SkyLantern Original, you can find lanterns of every colour and size.

Traditionally, launching paper lanterns into the night has been a way to wish newlyweds the best of luck. With a selection of lanterns from the SkyLantern Original collection, you and your guests can do the same.

Our turquoise Japanese sky lantern designs are attractive, easy to assemble and great fun to launch. All that you need to do is to light a paraffin burner inside the casing, and within a minute they will rise naturally.

Each lantern is made from fireproof sustainably produced paper - making them safe for your guests and the environment. They will add joy and colour to any event - so why not mix a few different colours to create a dazzling night time spectacle?

  • Reference :


  • Height :


  • Material :

    100% fireproof rice paper

  • Color :


  • Duration :

    8 minutes

  • Width :


  • Weight :

    132.25 g


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Directions for use
  • 1
    Unfold the lantern and hold
  • 2
    A second person lights the burner
  • 3
    Wait 1mn30 the lantern inflates
  • 4
    Your lantern flies!