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  • Flying lantern in 100% fireproof paper No tears, no risk of ignition
  • Safety burner No dripping wax, burner already attached
  • Quick lighting No assembly
  • Metal-free
  • 100% fireproof paper
  • Bio degradable paper
  • Certified by Veritas
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Create A Feast for the Eyes With Flying Lanterns

Do you want to elevate your wedding or birthday party above the ordinary? At SkyLantern Original’s website, you can find a huge selection of lanterns to turn a merely enjoyable event into something truly exceptional. With the right selection of LED lamps and paper sky lanterns, you can design a decorative scheme that will take guests’ breath away.

In countries like Thailand and Japan, lanterns are a central part of every celebration. The contrast between the darkness of night and the magic of a flickering lantern is something that people of all ages can find attractive and memorable. For an unforgettable evening, make your wedding a feast for the senses by gathering everyone together to witness sky lanterns soaring into the night.

These Thai flying lanterns are made from high quality rice paper and have been constructed in a tube shape. They require no special skills to assemble and are easy to launch. All that you need to do is light the paraffin burner and wait for a minute or so, and the tube lanterns will rise of their own accord in a graceful ascent.

Our flying lanterns are all manufactured using strong, lightweight paper that is completely bio-degradeable, so they won’t litter the landscape with metal or plastic. They are reliable as well, with 100 percent fireproof materials and firmly attached burners that won’t come loose.

If you need to provide your wedding guests with an unforgettable show, turn the night sky into a glittering display of light with a selection of tube lamps from the SkyLantern Original website. We stock different shapes of sky lantern, as well as conventional LED lit paper lanterns to decorate interior and exterior spaces. With our help, you can use lighting to create the ideal atmosphere for any big occasion.

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  • Height :


  • Material :

    100% fireproof rice paper

  • Color :


  • Duration :

    5 minutes

  • Width :


  • Weight :

    138 g


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