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  • Flying Letter To Santa (English)

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  • Union Jack Sky Lantern

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    Italian Flag Sky Lantern

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    Belgian Flag Sky Lantern

  • Alien Sky Lantern

  • Halloween Sky Lantern

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Happy Halloween!

Fill the night sky with lanterns, as frightful as they are fun.

A flying lantern can tell a wonderful story through the symbolism of a launch. What can be better than sending a message into the sky?

Full of lyricism, the launch of flying lanterns offers a breath-taking visual rendering. What can be more magical than a “cloud” of flying Chinese lanterns floating into the sky and disappearing like a little flickering light in the deepness of the night?

You have a message to send? Witnessing your love, your happiness, your joy, your memories, your hopes, a flying lantern is the perfect messenger! You can make a wow while releasing the sky lanterns or even write on them with a special pen to send your special or personal message.

The balloon-shaped model or tube, diamond, heart flying lanterns are very easy to use. Their designed size ensures a good stability and a perfect flight. Chinese lanterns are made of flame-retardant rice paper, a bamboo frame and a paper and cotton fuel cell. The safety instructions are easy to apply: light up the fuel cell with a lighter, wait 1 to 1.30 minute and let your lantern rise and disappear into the sky. Our sky lanterns are equipped with pre-attached fuel cell made of paper and cotton and are perfectly secured compared to those equipped with candles or with a thick layer wax fuel cell.

Choose among our wide range of Chinese flying lanterns to make your event, a unique moment. Your guests will be impressed by the lighting effects and the bright colours of the lanterns flying into the deep night. Day or night, sky lanterns can be a stunning glowing effect! Our bright coloured Chinese lanterns can be launched in daylight and their glowing lights will be also of an extraordinary effect.

Make a wish of love, happiness, joy and hope on your wedding day or another special moment and let the flying lanterns bring them to the skies. Your guests will be delighted to participate to this magical moment and share this romantic and poetic animation! Choose our flying lanterns to bring this original moment to the loved ones and friends.