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  • Flying lantern in 100% fireproof paper No tears, no risk of ignition
  • Safety burner No dripping wax, burner already attached
  • Quick lighting No assembly
  • Metal-free
  • 100% fireproof paper
  • Bio degradable paper
  • Set of 30

Brilliant Blue Floating Lanterns

Turquoise Thai sky lanterns

Light up the night sky with this exquisite set of floating lanterns. Crafted out of superior Japanese rice paper, these luxurious lanterns are easy to construct and simple to light. To guarantee a first class experience, these lanterns have been specially designed so as to incorporate fireproof materials.

These striking lanterns are made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials. This set of lanterns is ideal for celebrations which have been planned for a total of 100 guests. Whether you're looking to host a unique birthday party or you're keen to see in the New Year with panache, these lanterns are ideal. This set can also be used to mark a romantic occasion or to celebrate a special religious festival. These sublime sky lanterns can also be bought in conjunction with similar colour products in our range, from LED lights to decorative bunting. Whatever the occasion, why not create an ethereal, other-worldly experience with this unique set of sea-blue, floating lanterns?

Stunning lights from SkyLantern Original

Here at SkyLantern Original, we are the leading supplier of high quality, Thai sky lanterns. All of our unique products are packaged securely and delivered extremely quickly. Looking for stunning decorations and striking sky lanterns? Look no further than SkyLantern Original.

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  • Height :


  • Material :

    100% fireproof rice paper

  • Color :


  • Duration :

    8 minutes

  • Width :


  • Weight :

    3967.5 g


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